Artists Statement

Artists Statement – Kay Lee Williams – Kamilaroi

Ever since I can remember I have been making, creating, doing many things working with my hands. (Gathering Hands). I would work endlessly on any project until I was finished. I was obsessed. I enjoy all forms of creating being drawing, sculpture, ceramics, painting and printmaking. Whatever came along, I was into it.

Recently I discovered weaving and eco dyeing and have gone into this with a lust and passion for learning how to create patterns from nature and weave magical items for people I love, my friends and family.

Both techniques above involve gathering, finding harvesting, materials which I gather from everywhere on the North Coast of NSW. My speciality is Bangalow Palm Baskets and I collect fronds from this area where the Bangalow Palms thrive. These vessels were used by the traditional owners in this area to carry water mainly and food.

My work is about Identity and Place. These things are very important to me and I know where I come from but I also know where I want to be. I identify with many areas in Australia being Sydney where I was raised, Narrabri, my place of birth to Cairns where my father lives to where I have chosen to live my life, on the North Coast of NSW. These are my significant  sites and I feel different in each place. Comfortable wherever I chose to be.

The elements I am working with at present  are Water and Earth.

Water because of the properties such as cleansing, rebirth, sustainability and the feeling to be immersed.

Earth because of the plants I collect, walking around, touching and being grounded to this place.

Any place.